Thursday, 30 March 2017

SOLD: Curvy Style FP in Amber Swirl Acrylic with Inlay

Hi all,

Up for sale here is pen that I made a few months ago.  It was created as a custom order, but unfortunately the one who ordered it is no longer in a position to purchase it, so it has landed on my 'available' page.

The pen one of my Curvy style pens in a lovely translucent Amber Swirl acrylic.  The cap has been dressed up with a black finial that has an amber inlay - just to add a little extra to the pen.

Dimension are (roughly, as I am posting this while away and can't measure it, but will update this post when home):

-length capped about 145mm
-length uncapped about 130ish mm
-cap max diameter about 15mm
-barrel max diameter about 14mm.
-grip max diameter 11.5mm

The nib as pictured is a fine JoWo 18K, but I am happy to swap it out for a steel nib of your choice (EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm stub, 1.5mm stub) or I can do a custom grind for $30 (eg stub/CI, architect).

Cost with the 18K F nib:           $285 USD plus shipping
Cost with steel nib of choice:    $160 USD plus shipping  


Please send email to if interested.

Thanks for looking!


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